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A Walker's Guide to Better Curb Appeal

April 25, 2016 - Updated: April 25, 2016

A Walker’s Guide to Better Curb Appeal


Here are 6 steps to making the grass greener on your side of the fence.


Hibernation is over! Not only have the trees and flowers started to bloom, but all of a sudden neighborhoods are alive with the sounds of playing kids, joggers and bicyclists. And the walkers are out in full force! Yup it’s spring!

And because so many of us have tracking devices that are helping get us more active, our walks appear to be longer as we meander all around our communities. And think about all of those dogs that are joining us as they too get in the best shape of their lives!

Try taking greater advantage of these walks to truly discover what makes where you live so special. These outings can be much more than exercise routines; they can actually play a role in helping us enjoy our homes even more & realize potential. The idea is simple. Pay attention and get great ideas.

Here are a few examples of what to take note of on your next walk through the neighborhood:

1) Landscaping.Do you have landscape envy but don’t have a landscaper? Instead start to look to see which plants you like and take a quick picture, how far apart the “good houses” have their plants spaced and which colors of mulch look best. By having that one picture, you will be able to have a great conversation with the certified growers at your local nursery and learn about types of plants and where each plant will thrive in your yard.

2) Lawns. All lawns all appear the same – or do they? Take notice that no matter how professionally done a lawn is, in your neighborhood there is never just one type of grass. Thick, thin and different shades of green are on every lawn. So thats not the differentiator. But you will notice the ones you think look the best are edged really nicely with great lines along the curb, driveways and plant beds. 

3) Front steps. Front porch steps also make a big difference. Pay attention to how others keep their porches inviting. I’ve learned that while I hate, hate, hate staining and touching up the white trim, fresh coats will make a HUGE difference!

4) Front windows. It seems that in these days of “open floor plans,” you want to extend that openness all the way to the curb. While obviously blinds, shades and curtains are open during the day, it doesn’t appear that many are using thick or ornate ones anymore. Let the light in!

5) Driveways. Take note of different types, styles, sizes & shapes. 

6) Lighting. If you walk at dusk or at night (make sure to wear bright clothes because drivers REALLY can’t see you), take a look at lighting on front porches & over doors & windows. There are so many shapes, sizes, designs and colors these entryway lights can be! The level of light (too bright or too dim) can also make a huge difference on the impact to the nighttime curb appeal.

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