5 Ways to Meet People in Your Neighbourhood

By: Eddie Harnick

5 Ways to Meet People in Your Neighbourhood

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Everyone needs a sense of community in order to feel truly at home in their neighbourhood. Aside from the social aspect, knowing your neighbours is just practical. It's nice to be able to call on someone nearby if you need help, whether it's moving a couch, borrowing a cup of sugar or keeping an eye on your home while your out of town. Reaching out to the people around you for support and companionship will make your community experience richer and more exciting.

1. Discover unexpected community hubs
In addition to community centres that offer specific programming for socializing, you can also find different opportunities to connect with your neighbours at everyday places including local churches, the corner store, schools and community message boards. Check out local garage sales or community event for a place to introduce yourself.

2. Introduce yourself to your neighbours with a small token
Remember how, back in the day, a neighbour would bring over a dish for the newcomers to enjoy? Why not switch it up – as the newcomer create a little introductory letter, postcard or small gift – just to say hi! Your neighbour will appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself in a unique way and offering a little something so they can get to know you, even if it's just a small batch of homemade cookies. What's not to like about having baked goods delivered to your front door?
3. Stop by and let your neighbours know you care
Getting to know your neighbours is a practical move that offers a feeling of comfort and assurance that, should anything go wrong, there will always be someone nearby. Stop by and let your neighbour know you'd like to create a community safety net so you can all feel comfortable. Apart from the social aspect, it's also a safety and health issue that you know your neighbours.

4. Organize a serviceable event that everyone will benefit from
See if you can team up with a few other families to host an event everyone in the neighbourhood will benefit from. Fall and Spring are times when we have our minds on clearing out the clutter and organizing our homes – and doing this as a community is a lot easier and more fun. Organizing an upcycle event, community yard sales, charitable bottle or clothing drive will bring your neighbours together for a good cause!

5. Get active in maintaining public spaces
No matter the season, there is always work to be done in a community's public spaces. Whether it's at a park, city square or the school playground, keeping public spaces clean and healthy is an important aspect in keeping the community alive.

Your relationships with your neighbours may be some of the most important ones you have in day-to-day life. They're the most practical people to call on if you need help around the house, need to borrow something on the fly or need someone to watch your cat or water the plants while you're away. It's a give-and-take relationship that benefits both parties. Starting with a friendly wave may just pave a path to a great new friendship.


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